Jul 3, 2014

The Kiss of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande (Daughters of the Aristocracy #1)

The Kiss of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande
Genre: Historical Romance
Bottom Line: Good for the naughty scenes and romance, but the plot was difficult to believe and the dialogue was tough to follow at times.

The Daughters of the Aristocracy
1.  The Kiss of a Viscount
2.  The Grace of a Duke
3.  The Seduction of an Earl

Synopsis (Amazon):

A kiss is just a kiss ... or is it? 

Having just inherited his uncle’s viscountcy, George Bennett-Jones is informed by his mistress that he must find a bride, preferably the daughter of an aristocrat. Through a series of lessons, she instructs George on the finer points of meeting and courting a woman of the ton – and she has one in mind for him. 

It’s love at first sight when George spies Lady Elizabeth Carlington dancing with the Earl of Trenton. But the auburn-haired beauty is quite sure the earl will offer for her hand, and she has every intention of accepting – even if his kiss has her feeling as if she were being kissed by her best friend’s dog! 

When Elizabeth mentions the unfortunate kiss during the ball’s supper, George implies there is an art to kissing, innocently offering to replace her poor first impression with a proper kiss. Intrigued, and unaware that George is a viscount and a secret patron of her charity, Elizabeth accepts his offer at the next ball. George is more than happy to accommodate her. His kiss has the daughter of a marquess so stunned, so amazed and so aroused, she requests that he demonstrate the pleasures that can be had in a marriage bed. Knowing he has only one night to court the woman who has captured his heart, George sets out to prove himself while promising he will leave her virtue intact. 

Will the evening of pleasure he has planned for Elizabeth convince her to accept his hand in marriage? Or simply leave her with a vivid memory of what she will be missing should she accept the earl’s marriage proposal? The lessons of a mistress prove invaluable in "The Kiss of a Viscount".

My Thoughts:

If you are just looking for a book with some naughty aristocrats, then this is perfect. If, however, you would like a comprehensible plot, this book may be lacking. There were several parts of this plot that bothered me. First, the whole "love at first sight" thing is always difficult to believe. Lust at first sight, sure. But George is convinced that he is in love with Elizabeth the moment he sees her. I just didn't get it.

I am no stickler for historical accuracy in my romances, but I found it very difficult to accept the fact the Elizabeth propositioned a total stranger to pleasure her before marriage. And she claims that she only did it because she didn't know he was a Viscount... please tell me how that makes it better! Now the romance was the redeeming quality. The sex scenes were nice and long and detailed. If that's what you are looking for in this book, you will be pleased. George was a very sweet hero, and I loved how nervous he got around Elizabeth beneath his outward calm. Elizabeth seemed a bit shallow at times (and got a bit too personal with her father but we'll just shove that in a corner and never speak of it again), but she was generally a good person.

Sande's writing style made it a little difficult for me to follow the dialogue at times. We get to hear every character's thoughts and at times I didn't notice when the point of view swapped. Though it was confusing, the romantic aspects of the plot definitely kept up the pace and made this a fairly enjoyable read.    

Rating: 6

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