May 10, 2014

Hello There!

After several months of taking notes and creating lists of my favorite books that I've read, I have decided to venture into the world of book blogging.  I've found book blogs incredibly helpful when I'm picking new books for my to-read list (which may currently last me a lifetime or two), so I hope my blog will help a few people out there.  Ever since I got my kindle last Christmas, I've become utterly addicted to reading.  I didn't have much time for reading while I was in school, so now I dedicate most (too much) of my free time to reading.  I started out creating a book review powerpoint to keep track of my opinions and share with my mom and my friends (yeah, totally nerdy. I organize things when I get bored, alright!)  But now I hope my reviews can help more people who are trying to decide what books are worth checking out!

Most of the books I read are historical romances, paranormal romances, or urban fantasy.  If there isn't at least a hint of steaminess...I tend to get bored.  I'll admit it, I like my novels to contain a bit of passion.  I tend to get stuck in a historical romance rut where I just can't find the power to move to another genre.  It just keeps sucking me back in!  But I also love stories with magic, werewolves, mythological heroes, and the occasional vampire...I don't like to go overboard on the bloodsuckers.

My blog is purely for fun.  I like reading and I like organizing my thoughts afterwards.  If I can share my thoughts with a few more people, that's fantastic.  I will take my reviews seriously, but I am not a book critic.  I will give all of my books ratings, because that's the first thing I look for when I'm adding books to my to-read list.  It will take me a bit to figure out what I'm doing, but once my blog is up and running, I'll start dishing out the reviews!  

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