Jul 6, 2014

Through Time-Frankie by Claudy Conn (Through Time #4)

Through Time-Frankie by Claudy Conn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Bottom Line: The best in the series so far, but the plot was pretty similar to the previous stories.

Through Time Series
1.  Through Time-Pursuit
2.  Through Time-Whiplash
3.  Through Time-Slamming
4.  Through Time-Frankie
5.  Through Time-Compulsion

Synopsis (Goodreads):

Meet Frankie of Sluagh now all grown up and ready to take on the world.

It is just about what she had to do when she realizes she is in love with the Dark Prince, Graely and that her Seelie family will never accept him.

Added to this is the fact, is the one that his brother, the Dark Prince Pestale, 
has once again unleashed a war of terror in the Human Realm.

Traitors are all around, and Frankie has her hands full.

My Thoughts:

I think this was my favorite book in the series so far. I always love a great "forbidden love" story, and the daughter of one of the highest Seelie Fae falling in love with a Dark Prince certainly fits the bill. Frankie is a great character. She's sweet and strong, and she has some really fun powers. And Graely...my goodness what a sweetheart. I loved how Graely always looked after Frankie, but Frankie took control of their relationship.

This was a short book (like the rest in the series), so I didn't get bored with the plot, but I did see a pattern throughout all of the books. After a bit, it seems like we're just waiting for Pestale and Hordly to capture the heroine yet again so we can see how she escapes and how anxious her mate gets. It's repetitive, but for some reason I still enjoy reading about it. There were a few new twists in this story. We get some new races, and some new developments in the war between Pestale and the rest of the Fae. Overall, I thought it was an exciting and sweet story to breeze through in an afternoon.

Rating: 8

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