May 31, 2014

Through Time-Whiplash by Claudy Conn (Through Time #2)

Through Time-Whiplash by Claudy Conn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Bottom Line: A quick-paced Fae romance with a captivating plot and some very sexy scenes. Be prepared for a cliffhanger!

Rating: 8

Through Time Series
1.  Through Time-Pursuit
2.  Through Time-Whiplash
3.  Through Time-Slamming
4.  Through Time-Frankie 

Synopsis (Goodreads):

Why do second chances have to come with complications?

Trevor, Prince of Lugh, had been thwarted from putting Pestale, the eldest Dark Prince, to death, but now he’s been asked to investigate whether the Dark Prince has evaded punishment. This time, Trevor plans to make sure Pestale is taken care of permanently.

But a simple assignment turns complicated when Trevor finds himself thrown two hundred years into the past, along with Jazmine Decker, a Fios (Fae seer). There they encounter Pestale’s younger brother Hordly, who has evil schemes of his own. Add the Orb of Time, an eleven-year-old orphan with unusual powers, and an encounter with an evil wizard, and Trevor realizes his mission will be anything but simple.

Seelie Queen Aaibhe is at long last enjoying a second chance at happiness. But her love for Morgan LeBlanc, a Milesian, is the ammunition her political rivals have been looking for. Claiming her association with the leader of the Fae’s former enemies makes her unfit to govern, factions within the Council plot to remove her from the throne. Will it lead to civil war?

Can Trevor and Jazmine find the Orb of Time, get back to the present, and stop Hordly and his brothers from unleashing an army of nightmarish monsters on humans and Fae alike? Can Aaibhe and her loyal supporters hold the Council together and keep the Fae united against the Unseelie threat?

My Thoughts:

Ok, major cliffhanger alert. I was unprepared for that. Unlike the first book, which tied up Royce and Chance's story nicely, this story had a bit more action and a completely open ending as a set up for the next book. Trevor, a Seelie prince, must once again set out to capture Pestale and his brothers who are causing oodles of trouble as usual. But this time, a woman who can see the Fae (and has a few nifty powers of her own) gets sucked into the action. I liked Trevor a lot. He was a believable character and was incredibly strong and  romantic...and apparently a very good kisser. I loved the way he puzzled over human cliches and emotions like a confused monkey. However, Jazmine really bothered me in the beginning of the novel. I thought her dialogue was obnoxious and cheesy, but after the action started to pick up, it kind of drowned out her rambling.

The main plot in this book was very intriguing, and I can't wait to see how it ends in the next book. The Unseelie princes return with their unquenchable sex drives and complete lack of morals, which is (of course) buckets of fun. I did find it hard to take a villain named "Hordly" seriously. I had a little difficulty fully understanding the political side plot between Aaibhe and the Seelie court; I think much of this conflict was introduced in the Legend series which I have yet to read.  There was enough information to follow the plot, but I think I would understand it better if I started with the other series..  This was a very short and very quick story.  It did not have the most complex plot, but it certainly kept me interested the whole way through.

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