May 21, 2014

Loki's Daughters by Delle Jacobs

Loki's Daughters by Delle Jacobs
Genre: Historical Romance
Bottom Line: A medieval romance with sweet characters but a slightly tedious plot.


Synopsis (Goodreads):

For as long as Arienh can remember, her Celtic people have feared the deadly Viking raids. She knows their brutality first hand, having lost the men from her own family and village to their swords. When she encounters and wounds a Viking warrior one stormy night, she has every right to want him dead. Instead, she allows him shelter in her cottage. Although she fears him, his confidence and teasing manner give her pause. He acts as if she belongs to him. As if he knows her. 
Ronan didn’t expect Arienh to recognize him. Why should she? They were both just children when his uncle forced him into a raid against her village. But Ronan risked his life to protect the young Arienh from his marauding kinsmen. Now that the time has come for Ronan and the other warriors to choose wives, he has returned to claim the beautiful girl who captured his heart so long ago.
But for men accustomed simply to taking what they want, wooing the courageous, headstrong Celtic women is easier said than done. And for Arienh, who always sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of her people, trusting—and loving—a Northman may be impossible. By turns poignant and humorous, Loki’s Daughters is a stirring tale of unlikely lovers, forged in dangerously opposite worlds yet bound together by sacrifice, strength, and undeniable passion.

My Thoughts:

First off, this cover gave me nightmares.  I didn't notice Ronan standing in the background until I glanced at the cover at around 3 am.  It's like he's hiding in the shadows...always watching...*shiver*

Loki's Daughters is a historical romance set in the 9th century.  This is the first Viking romance I have read.  The basis of the story is that these Northmen (as they proclaim they are the happy, farming type of Vikings, not the angry marauding type) come to a Celtic town to claim wives and rebuild the village, led by a particularly handsome man--of course--named Ronan.  Ronan the friendly Viking has been in love with Arienh since he saved her years ago from an attack by his uncle's clan.  Arienh has been the head of her village since Viking raiders killed all of their men and raped and blinded her sister.  As such, she is reluctant to accept these men into their village despite her immediate attraction to Ronan.

This story was primarily a romance with a bit of action on the side.  The romance was cute most of the time--and a bit steamy when neccessary.  Ronan really was a good guy.  He tries very hard to woo Arienh, and most of his men also fall instantly in love with the other Celtic women...convenient.  Unfortunately, the 9th century Viking's way of wooing seems to resemble that of a caveman.  I've picked you to be my wife, here is a duck and shelter, you're mine now, yes?  It would probably piss me off if this book was set in a later time period, but this is the 9th century...what do you expect?  My issues with this book arose with Arienh.  She is absolutely determined to keep away from Ronan just because she thinks she is protecting her sister and the other villagers.  I could understand this for a bit in the beginning, but I swear this conflict went on through the ENTIRE book.  Every time she saw him it was "Oh golly, I could never love a Viking...they're all evil."  Ugh.  Move on.  He's a good guy.

Despite that little rant, I did enjoy the book as a whole.  It was a quick read, and Ronan was quite an adorable suitor, if a little bone-headed at times.  Maybe because he was a little bone-headed.  The secondary characters all had their own little stories and little side plots, but the didn't detract from the main plot.  I would suggest this book if you are looking for something cute and quick with a bit of a primitive romantic setting.

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