Oct 20, 2014

Demons by K.F. Breene (Darkness #4)

Demons by K.F. Breene
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Bottom Line: The plot dragged out a bit too much with no real resolution. This was a tough one for me to get in to.

Darkness Series
1.  Into the Darkness
2.  Braving the Elements
3.  On a Razor's Edge
4.  Demons
5. The Council (Oct 30, 2014)

Synopsis (Goodreads):

It’s been a long road, but Sasha has finally claimed her role as the least knowledge mage in history. She’s also acquired a new, incredibly grumpy bodyguard, and a spunky new BFF. With her team by her side, she learns the ropes of this new profession. 

Her experience level is about to be fast-tracked, however. 

On a routine trip to check out a perimeter breach, she encounters a hideous demon called by an experienced magic worker. It is this terrifying discovery that unlocks a deeper problem: Stefan’s troubled past and the reason he gravely mistrusts the Mata. 

While Sasha struggles to fight the physical demons, Stefan struggles to fight the demons of his past. If he fails, his future in Sasha will be lost.

My Thoughts:

After being very pleasantly surprised by the first few books in this series, I was shocked how tough it was for me to get through this novella. I honestly don't know what happened, but I had to push myself to stay interested in this story. The plot begins with a demon summoned by some mysterious, powerful mage. The demon, conveniently, provides a mystery for Sasha to solve with her awesome black magic powers as well as a way for her to prove her abilities to lead her people. Additionally, this demon brings up Stefan's inner demons (ooo double meaning), and we get to see Sasha help our sensitive stud through some tough times. I know, I sound bitter. Honestly, I usually eat this kind of sensitive-tough-guy stuff up, but it was just too forced in this story.  In my opinion, even the sex was forced...there was hardly even a purpose for it. And when I'm clamoring for a purpose for some naughty scenes in a romance, you know there's a problem.

Now I still enjoyed the magic aspects of this story, and the final battle was exciting enough, but the one thing that still eats at me is that there was no POINT to the demon. Even after we discover who summoned the demon (and believe me, it was no real shocker), it seemed like it was just summoned because the mage wanted to see if it could be done. Congrats! You can summon a demon. Story over.

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