Oct 19, 2014

On a Razor's Edge by K.F. Breene (Darkness #3)

On a Razor's Edge by K.F. Breene
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Bottom Line: Quite an exciting story, but fairly reminiscent of the plot from the second book.

Darkness Series
1.  Into the Darkness
2.  Braving the Elements
3.  On a Razor's Edge
4.  Demons
5. The Council (Oct 30, 2014)

Synopsis (Goodreads):

If Sasha thought life would slow down after being captured, she was dead wrong. 

Having an extremely high level of magic, but not knowing how to use it, has become more than a little problematic. Struggling to get her power under control has everyone on their toes, waiting for something to blow up. And then there is the issue of loving Stefan, but not being able to mate him because she hadn't a clue how to lead, which is necessary if she wants to rule by his side.

No, things have not gotten any easier.

With the incoming visit of the Regional and his white mage, the pressure turns way up for both Sasha and Stefan. So many issues are riding on the balance, and one word from the authoritative pair could have Sasha back in her old life, still in danger, and without the resources to carry on.

Sasha has to learn to battle while walking on a razor's edge.

My Thoughts:

This was an enjoyable addition to the Darkness Series. I think the plots are getting more developed as we get further into this series, and I enjoy how Breene is devoting less time to vampire orgies and more time to awesome magic powers. Weird, I know. As the Regional and his mage come to visit Stefan and check in on the oddity that is Sasha, the plot develops into a sort of magic training montage. And it was enjoyable. We get to see what Sasha is capable of, though half of the time she proves only that she has a ton of power and no clue how to use it. But hey, it was entertaining.

The relationship between Stefan and Sasha was put to the test a bit here, as Stefan is required to mate with someone who can stand by his side in a position of leadership. Their interactions were still very romantic, and pretty steamy, but I think the romance aspects of this book were secondary to the action.

While I did enjoy the third book in this series, I did find myself noting many similarities between this plot and that of the second book. It seemed to follow the same formula of Sasha struggling with magic lessons, Sasha getting into trouble, Sasha throwing herself into epic battles...Stefan being his sexy, overprotective self...it was all very familiar, but still quite exciting.

Rating: 8

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